The Rules of Good Winging


Wingmanship is one of the most crucial aspects of pick up–especially in the club scene. Over the past week I was out with a different bunch of people and I noticed that there is a lack of know-how in the area of winging. No matter how good one’s individual game is, without proper assistance, opportunities will inevitably slip by and destroy whatever momentum is being built throughout the night. Here are some rules and tips regarding the art of wingmanship.

But before we jump into that, first let’s define what a wingman is:

Wingman (n) (wɪŋ-mæn): A supporting role that a person takes to help a friend with potential partners.

This applies to all stages of game: the approach, vibing, isolation, and close. The wingman’s sole job is to help create a conducive environment for his friend to move through the several stages (without direct interference). A good wingman does not abandon his post (see: “bros before hoes” law) until he has been dismissed from his duties or see no further need to carry on winging for the pilot, after which he is free to take the pilot seat and conduct his own game–a sacrifice every wingman has to make. Sometimes there will be more than one wingman, which in this case makes the entire transition process smoother and less awkward.

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4 Types of Shit Tests


Expanding on a previous article about shit tests, I’ve had guys come up to me telling me that they read the article and understand where I’m coming from but don’t agree with points 2 and 3 or what not and I’m just nodding and agreeing but I don’t really care. I don’t. My articles are essentially what works for me; what I see and think applies generally across the board; it’s based on countless reference experience of approaching girls and just majorly fucking up like 90% of them. Real life experiences of girls, who I’m not even remotely interested in, behaving the exact same way.

Here are some examples:

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Stop Chasing; Start Qualifying


One of the biggest mistakes I see guys make (and I’ve already seen two cases in a single night out) is that the moment a girl shows them an iota of interest, they gobble that shit up like puppy dogs and chase the girl all the way–so much that they reek of desperation, which turns the girl off. If it’s one thing that summarizes good game, it is making the girl work for your approval. Here’s what went down.

Case 1: Friendly girl shows interest in a fairly good looking guy. Every one teases them as being a couple (which is a perfect set up) and they get really close. Then they guy makes a major mistake of constantly floating around the girl instead of having fun with the rest of the group. He keeps pulling her in, and kissing her in front of the group even though they just met about an hour ago. She complies initially when the vibe is still hot, but slowly she becomes uncomfortable and pulls away. She wants to hang out with her friends but he goes at it even harder. In the end the girls leave and the guy is left standing with his dick in his hand for the rest of the night.

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The Art of Ruthlessness: Lessons from Frank Underwood


So I recently started watching House of Cards and I must say it’s one of the most amazing TV series I’ve ever seen. There is a treasure chest of lessons that can be drawn from every single episode–most of them very reminiscent of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power. Ruthless politics and endless manipulation. It shows the level of manipulation and psychopathy required to maneuver through the world of power. And Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood very nicely.

I haven’t completed the first season yet, but I still feel compelled to write a post on it. There will most definitely be another post on it. But here’s what I’ve gotten so far.

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Be The Real Deal: Break Out Of Self-Defeating Mindsets


I am an introvert. Many people do not know what it means. They think that being introverted means someone who doesn’t like to talk, shies away from social interactions, and prefers being alone to being out in the club. This misconception has led many people I know to fall into this “introvert trap” where they adopt a self-defeating attitude. They think that game is not for them–that it is “not them” to go out and talk to women on the streets because that’s what confident extroverted people do. I used to think this way, along with many self-defeating mindsets that I have unhesitatingly discarded in an attempt to better myself.

But yet most people aren’t like that. Instead, they slip down the negative spiral of “this is who I am, I can’t change it”. They give up control of their lives and instead hope that things will fall on their lap. They have a twisted sense of entitlement that the world should respect them because they are not like such by choice, but by nature. And how can we beat nature?

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Text Game: 5 Ways to Handle Shit Tests


Many guys in the community are ambivalent about text game. Most don’t even bother with texts other than to spike interest and ask the girl out. Others prefer to constantly text the girl over long periods of time. I am somewhere in the middle on this issue: before you meet the girl, keep things short and to the point. I only text them semi-regularly after the first date is over. No matter where you stand on this, handling shit tests is very crucial to keeping the whole relationship going. Women will constantly fling shit at you, knowingly or not. It is part of who they are. Every shit test you fail will tip the dynamic in their favor; on the flipside, every test you pass will get them more invested in you.

Generally, there are five ideal responses to shit tests. I’ve tested all five of them and they seem to work well in different situations, depending on the vibe and the dynamic between you two. This is no cheat sheet; you have to use your experiences and discretion to decide how to reply. But I guarantee if you hit it on the spot, she will fall deeper in love with you.

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The Feminist Agenda and Misrepresentation of Sexism


I’d have to admit, before I watched the following video, I already had a preconceived notion in my mind. I was thinking, “It’s probably one of those feminist agenda videos”. And I didn’t watch it…almost.

One of the worse things you can do is to dismiss something before even knowing what it is. I see a lot of people who readily jump on the hate bandwagon without even knowing the first thing about what they’re hating. “I hate Justin Bieber.” “Do you listen to his music?” “No. But I heard that one song and I hated it.” “Well, people grow as artists and not liking their work doesn’t mean they deserved to be hated as a person.” “But…(insert justification here).”

Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion but not all opinions are equal. When I caught myself going down that path of uninformed dismissal, I forced myself to watch it. Maybe it’s not what I think it is, but it’s definitely worth watching. I spent 10 minutes watching it and when the credits rolled…

My opinion hadn’t changed at all.

Now, from experience I can tell defenses will go up and name-calling ensue, but if you could just read on with an open mind, maybe you would understand–not necessarily accept–an alternate point of view.

But first things first:

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Tearing Apart The Social Narrative: Insights to What Women Really Want In A Guy


Once again, let’s take a look at another article floating around the Internet regarding relationship and male-female dynamics. You might be wondering why I constantly do these things. Well, for one I find that the social narrative put forward by these articles are not only misinformed, they are also harmful. They propagate the idea that men basically have to be emasculated puppy dogs in order to win the approval of women. It creates the culture of men trying to seek approval from women. Am I chivalrous enough? Do I meet points 3, 5 and 7? What is my total score? Do I pass as a man? While women are categorized into either/or statuses (i.e., either you are materialistic or you are not), men are judged based on how many items off the checklist can you tick off (i.e., My boyfriend has 5 out of 10 of the qualities) implying that you can x-percent of a man.

The article in question is this. Now, this girl is entirely entitled to her own opinion. I am not disputing what she is looking for in a man, but rather the messages she puts out there to all the blue-pill men who unquestioningly gobble down her words as if it were gospel. They probably think, “If an attractive girl says this is what girls want, it means that if I listen to her, I can get girls as attractive as her.”

Maybe. Maybe not.

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The World Is Her Playground; Unadulterated Emotional Porn


For men, porn-watching is (relatively) simple: it’s a private affair that usually doesn’t take up too much of our day and one that is seldom talked about. Although few are unabashed about it, generally speaking, it’s an activity that everyone knows you do but no one wants to hear about it. It can be argued that we are surrounded by porn every day in the media. Images of scantily clad women splayed across billboards and magazine covers, attempting to arouse men and capture attention. However I can say that it is still heavily regulated by censorship laws and generally not celebrated by society at large. Nudity in movies have to be used “artistically” and sparingly lest the harsh hammer of the censorship bureau comes crashing down on it.

One of feminism’s core message in their crusade deals with this ironically. On the one hand, they reject society’s–and by society, I mean ‘the evil patriarchy’–idealization of the female body, saying that it is crude and a celebration of male dominance and supremacy. And then they turn around, and preach the word of sexual freedom, empowerment, and promiscuity, saying women should be free to wear whatever they want, and feel like however they want. Damned if I am 50 folds too heavy too pull off a bikini, love me anyway because I am a WOMAN! And I am HOT!

Men are being told that it is wrong to love slim model-like figures and that we should appreciate women of all sizes. It doesn’t matter that their repulsive behemothian appearance cannot get your dick semi-hard, it’s what’s “on the inside” that matters–once you get beneath the mile-deep fat tissue surrounding their “inner beauty”. Fat shaming is shamed; whilst skinny shaming is encouraged. So much for every shape and size, huh?

What it all comes down to is this: insecurity.

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The Impotency Of “Progressiveness”; The Logical Conclusion of Gender Equality


Singapore’s ex-beauty queen Bernice Wong was quoted saying,

I will say that the local guys I’ve met are pretty sheltered. I’d like them to be more masculine, not so “baby-ed” and less childish.”

This quote which was made almost 10 years ago resurfaced after the recent Anton Casey (Wong’s husband) uproar. In response to this, many white knights and feminists stood up (metaphorically) and chided her for having an opinion. Typical of Singaporeans, we don’t like it when the truth is exposed and staring us right in our faces–as seen in the Stephanie Koh controversy. If I had a dollar for every time someone said that they wanted to move away from this tiny, oppressive island, I’d be beyond rich. The sentiment that Singaporeans want to leave Singapore is not one that is new, yet our politically-correct society would rather live under an elaborate pretense than to face the truth.

And that Singaporean men are generally not masculine, is the truth.

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