A Life Of Happiness, Part 3: The Presence Desideratum


If you guys haven’t heard about Navigating Social Relationships yet, you’re missing out. They write a bunch of really solid tips on dating and self-development. I recently wrote a guest article for them as well. Read it here. And I’m also proud to have my post translated into Portuguese by a reader from Brazil. I don’t understand a word but I trust he did a good job. All in all, it’s exciting times for TSL and based on all the positive (as well as constructively negative) feedback, I will continue to improve and evolve the blog. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section. I can promise that this blog will remain free and of the best quality. But remember, information without action is dead.

Also, If you haven’t read the previous two articles in the series, or you read it a long time ago and need a refresher, do check those out first here and here. Today I will dive into the third and final cornerstone of how to achieve happiness if your life, something which is the “chief end” of all human endeavor (as according to Aristotle), yet seems to elude us so. Before going into the the topic of presence, a thought crossed my mind during a recent meditation session that made a lot of sense to me.

Happiness is a mirage: it brings hope to the desolate but eludes those who seek it.

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Psychological Projection: How We Delude Ourselves


Game has often been referred to as an “art” (i.e., pick up  artistry, or the art of seduction). However in recent years we see it gradually shifting into the scientific circle, as the line between art and science starts to meld together as well. While it is not a natural science in itself–unless you’re talking evolutionary biology–it can come under the umbrella of social science. The point being, there has been an increasing number of empirical evidence which supports the theories which game practitioners have been hypothesizing since the days of Mystery. Neil Strauss, David X, and the other pioneers could be referred to as the empirical scientists, taking their hypotheses and field testing it–very much unlike the “theoretical scientists” of today, who seem to form the majority of new dating coaches who seem to be popping up these days.

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Be Taken Seriously; Speak With Authority And Confidence


Growing up, one thing I remembered that really frustrated me was how no one ever took me seriously. In my teenage years, I was placed in a class that one would describe as studious. Despite my love for knowledge, my rebellious nature proved far more influential which resulted in me neglecting my studies. I hated competing for grades and if there was one thing that my peers valued was who could score more marks for exams. My rebellious nature coupled with a fairly unexceptional personality (I was what you can describe as an in-betweener) resulted in a lack of respect from my peers.

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No Honor Among Liberals


It’s been weeks since the Julien Blanc saga exploded and after a long period of silence, Blanc finally agreed to an interview with none other than news giant, CNN. It’s saddening to see that Julien caved to the pressure. I probably would as well, though, if I was being hounded and sent death threats. However in the interview, Julien basically let the interviewer beat him down so bad I’m not sure he can recover after this. If you haven’t watched it, here it is:

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The Quintessential Date Guide


Recently a couple of readers have been hitting me up with some questions which I gladly answered. I’m always happy to help guys who want to improve their life get things going but ultimately, no one can help you if you don’t get your ass off your chair and go out to meet girls. Knowing the theory behind game is one thing, putting your ass on the line is another. I’ve repeated this point so many times that I’m starting to get bored.

So today I wanted to touch on something that the more intermediate guys can use: dates. It will be a little lengthy, but if you’ve always wondered what to do on a date, here are some ideas.

So you approached the girl and got her number. You shoot a text and she responds pretty well and so you set up a date. Now what?

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Direct Versus Indirect Approaches


One of the most commonly debated topics within the community is whether you should go direct or indirect when approaching a girl on the streets. Before I weight the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, we should define what is considered a direct approach and what is an indirect approach. On one end of the direct-indirect spectrum, we have the full on “Hi, you’re cute!” opener (direct) and on the other end, we have the “Where is the nearest Starbucks?” opener (indirect).

Guys in the community like to divide themselves into one camp or the other, and consequently criticize the other camp for either being too much of a pussy to compliment a stranger or being too aggressive/cheap with their compliments.

And both are right.

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5 Reasons You Should Daygame Alone


Hi, there. I decided to take a break this month due to new commitments coming up that require a lot of my time. But, that being said, it doesn’t mean I stopped working on game. In fact, I just got home from a day game session and figured it was worth sharing even though I didn’t get any numbers today.

My usual daygame routine involves me meeting the guys and just hanging out around town and casually approach girls that catch our eye. While that’s good and all, we weren’t seeing growth in a long time. So today we decided to switch things up a bit and do day game alone.

I’ve written a few articles on the importance of having wingmen but I’ve also met guys who then use it as an excuse not to go out. My wing’s and my schedules clash so we can’t head out. I find that it’s a bullshit excuse. Your growth is your responsibility. Especially if you are new, it is important to experience being alone. Today was the first time in a long while where I actually head out alone with the sole intention of meeting girls and this is what I learned:

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Blast Through Inertia; Know The Roadmap To Get To The End


I decided to take a break from posting because I’ve been busy a bunch recently. Just last weekend, a friend of mine was running one of his dating/pick up classes and I sat in to watch. He invited me up to speak for a bit at the end of the two day course and despite having close to no sleep (1 hour nap after a full night of partying) and having lost my voice (you can hear it crack from time the time in the video), I took up the challenge.

I’m not much of a public speaker and this is no TED talk, but I do aim to improve it through getting opportunities such as these. It was a small group of about four people, but some is better than none. I appreciate constructive criticism, and hope you enjoy the video.

Learn how to blast through inertia.

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Take The Red Pill: The Woman In The Red Dress

red dress

The Matrix is one of the most brilliant movies of our generation. It aptly describes much of the problems our society faces today. However it is not a new concept. Wise men throughout history–from Grecian philosophers, to French thinkers–have heralded the downfall of society before their time. Societies rise and fall in cyclical patterns, and a lot of it is tied to the mainstream ideological narratives that the people buy into. The Matrix repackages it merely in a medium that people of our generation can understand. Yet, many times these warnings go by unheeded and with good reason. When hearing ideas as presented in the Matrix, most people immediately group themselves with the protagonist. They think they are the unplugged ones; that everyone else is plugged into the illusion, but only they themselves see reality as it truly is. They don’t question their beliefs and surround themselves with narratives that echo their existing opinions.

I discuss a lot about the dangers of feminism and the feminine imperative, and honestly I do get a little bit antagonistic at times. However do not mistake me as painting feminists as “evil”. There is no morality in biology, there are only actions and consequences. Our collective actions progress society in a predetermined path. And throughout every cycle, men have tried to fight the system and failed. It is a struggle we are doomed to fight to the end of time. Yet it doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

One particular scene in the movie struck me with regards to the modern sexual market and gender dynamics.

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